Advanced Practicum


You are about to embark on the fourth step of your journey of The Institute’s certification process in reality therapy, choice theory and lead-management. You have gained more in-depth knowledge and refined your skills in your Advanced Intensive Week.

The Advanced Practicum consists of 30 hours of instruction, 12 of which must be face-to-face directly with a Practicum Supervisor.


- The perequisite is completion of an Advanced Intensive Training
- Total of 27 hours
- Fee is set by the Practicum Supervisor 


A listing of the practicum supervisors in your area was distributed during your Advanced Intensive week. Although the complete practicum may be done face-to-face, the 12-hour minimum requirement helps those who may not have a practicum supervisor in their immediate area. In those instances, WGI-US has a list of Approved Faculty who can provide help as online practicum supervisors



Step 5 -  Choice Theory/Reality Therapy Certification