LaFond: August 2013

Demonstration of Glasser’s Marital Counseling using the Case of Bea & Jim

Presenter: Beverly LaFond


Beverly LaFond enhanced Dr. Glasser’s book Counseling with Choice Theory: The New Reality Therapy by visually demonstrating “The Case of Bea and Jim” (chapter 4).


Reading offers words, instructions, ideas, concepts and directions to learners. Cinematic presentations add flesh and blood visuals demonstrating emotions, ponderings, body language, connections, conflicts and rejections. The viewers see for themselves what’s working for the couple and what’s not helping them feel connected. The viewer sees, hears, feels, thinks and takes on board what fits their styles and enhances their skills and techniques as they work with couples.


Beverly’s 13-year quest to complete the DVD verifies her commitment and persistence. With the help of her practicum students, the Gordon’s, as the couple in chapter 4, she was able to reach her goal. This odyssey exemplifies her belief in the efficacy of choice theory, reality therapy and is a testimony to the work of Dr. Glasser and his invaluable contributions to the world of mental health.


Beverly, in the role of Dr. Glasser as counselor, demonstrates the theme, “I’m here to help your marriage; I won’t take sides with either of you; each of you is an entity and your marriage is the third entity in your relationship.” This DVD also presents the solving circle as a take home tool for the couple to utilize as often as they see fit. Thus the solving circle provides willing partners with a powerful, engaging yet demanding tool to preserve, enhance and strengthen the marriage. Thank you, Beverly.


Submitted by: Sandie Wubbolding