Ford: August 2013

The Perfect Storm: Reconnecting, Rebuilding, Resiliency Beyond the Storms in Our Lives Using Choice Theory Psychology  

Presenter: Michelle Ford


Through the use of media to stimulate our senses Michelle created a powerful experience of remembrance and contemplation. The montage that she created using images from some of our nation's most devastating natural disasters and September11th demonstrated how quickly our scales can be knocked out of balance by a massive loss in our Quality World. Michelle focused on the importance for helpers in these situations to pay attention to the Basic Needs of those affected by the event. She also challenged us to look beyond the disaster to the storms in our lives and the lives of the people we encounter. By zoning in on the Basic Needs we can help them bring their scales into better balance and find a way to weather the storm. Michelle also facilitated involvement activities to enhance learning about each Basic Need. She engaged us in an exercise to understand, teach, and discover new applications in our lives and in our professions. This presentation had many layers and left you thinking and processing the experience long after it was over. This experience has led me to a deeper appreciation of the Basic Needs and how they can be profoundly impacted by a sudden loss in our Quality World.